If you are reading this, chances are you have at least one valuable skill someone else is willing to pay to learn from you. Our goal is to help you make money teaching what you’re good at. Pick one of your skills and take ten minutes to create a profile on FindProz.com. You are now an entrepreneur.

Consider us your talent managers. We will market your lessons, classes, workshops, or training through local businesses, websites, and blogs related to your skills. Teach music? Great, we’ll advertise your piano lessons on the websites of local music stores, so customers can schedule lessons with you while they shop for sheet music. How about fly fishing? We’ll advertise your guided tour at outdoor shops. Software instruction, tutoring, bowling, basket weaving…we’ve got you covered.

FindProz was created by a stellar team:

Tyler Pack is experienced in creating and marketing online businesses. He started his first e-business, an online gift registry, when he was 17. Tyler earned his degree in Information Systems from the BYU Marriot School of Business. Tyler gained experience in web and mobile software design while working as a business analyst and project manager. Tyler also has years of experience as a certified instructor teaching both privately and through an institution.

Dave Owen has a bachelor’s degree in economics and an MPA from the BYU Marriott School. He previously worked for LexisNexis, transforming their background screening division into an industry leader through process reengineering. In addition to his experience in marketing and operations, he has graduate research experience in the underlying entrepreneurial market dynamics that make FindProz successful.

Abram Skidmore is a student in BYU’s highly acclaimed Master of Accounting program. His rigorous studies and experiences within various firms have given him a strong sense of corporate accounting. Abram has earned a coveted summer internship position with PwC and has worked as an accounting tutor for struggling students.

Team Opening: We are looking to grow FindProz and scale our current product line. FindProz recently moved to Seattle and is gaining momentum fast. After winning SIFP Seattle and scoring a place as a finalist in ZINO Marketplace (Proz, Inc.), we are looking to scale our company and bring on a full time CTO in order to do so. FindProz runs on a PHP backend tied to a MySQL database. We currently have three products and have spec'd additional products as well as upgrades to our current lineup. In order scale we are looking to bring on an experienced PHP developer that enjoys the startup atmosphere and wants to make it big. If you are interested in learning more about this position or know someone else that would be, please contact Tyler Pack at tyler@findproz.com or (801) 885-3868.

For questions, comments, or concerns feel free to contact a FindProz administrator at admin@findproz.com.