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If you love the sound of the accordion and want to learn, easily sign up for accordion lessons here online. You can become an accordionist which is what someone is called who plays the accordion. Makes sense, right?

The accordion is referred to as a squeeze box since it is basically a box that you squeeze to make sound. It has bellows that blows across reeds that make sound. When a key is pressed the air can flow past the reed which is the pitch of the key to make the accordion sound.

Accordion lessons will teach you how to play much quicker than trying to learn by yourself. When learning the accordion, there is a learning curve. You have to get the pumping of the accordion going at the same time as playing the keys. It's like rubbing your tummy while you pat your head. It's amazing to see accordion players at restaurants and various places that can play an amazing song pumping and using both hands to make cords and melodies and sing at the same time. If you have been to an Italian restaurant where there is an entertainer, you can request songs and he can play you the song if he's hear it.

It's easy to sign up for your accordion lessons. View local instructors and lesson times. You'll have all the info you need to get started. When you have chosen the right teacher, click to request lessons on their profile. Then you'll be off and running with your accordion lessons.

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