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Baritone Horn Lessons - Learn how to play the baritone horn by signing up for lessons. Sign up for lessons and get started by looking through profiles of instructors. View all the basic information you need to sign up for your baritone lessons.

How to Get Started with Baritone Lessons

When you find the right instructor, you can request lessons from them on their profile. The teacher will then contact you to set up lessons and give you any details you need to start your baritone lessons.

A Little About the Baritone Horn

The baritone horn is part of the brass family. It is similar to the trumpet and trombone. It bridges the gap between the two. The pitch of the baritone is at b flat and is one octave lower than the trumpet. The baritone is more commonly found in brass bands in the United Kingdom.

Bariton Horn Lessons

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