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We know it can be hard finding lessons for instruments less common than the guitar and piano so we are here to help you find bassoon lessons. Learn how to play the bassoon from local instructors in your area. If you don't see a bassoon instructor in your city yet, check back soon.

The bassoon is a woodwind instrument belonging to the double reed family. The bassoon is mostly used in orchestra, concert band and chamber music settings. Bassoons are usually made of maple wood. Bassoons for beginners can be made of plastic or polypropylene.

The bassoon in early history was inspiration from the dulcian. The dulcian in the mid-16th century was found in as many as eight different sizes. The bassoon has been around for a few hundred years and may have been invented around the time of the dulcian. The bassoon has a strong low voice like sound. In the 19th century, there was a greater demand for music performances in large concert halls. The need for more instruments including the bassoon was more commonly utilized.

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