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Discover the strategies of chess by taking chess lessons. Chess is a game of strategy and of the deep thinking. Exercise your mind with chess lessons from local chess professionals. It is a two player game with 16 pieces per player and 48 squares. it's an ultimate battle of the wits.

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To sign up for chess lessons, view your choices of trainers in the featured sections off to the right. You can see what kind of qualifications these smart chess players have. See what their accomplishments are and pick one to train with. You can ask questions and when you are ready for your chess lessons, click request lessons. Then your trainer will contact you to get started. Good luck to you in your chess endeavors.

Would You Like to Teach Chess Lessons?

If you are a master at the game of chess, you can monetize your talent in teaching others how to play. Help train and cultivate young minds into tough chess competitors. Its a great way for people to better themselves and exercise their brain. We'll help find people and guide them over to yor neck of the woods so you can get more students for chess lessons.


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