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Dulcimer Lessons Are Available

Sign up for dulcimer lessons from a local music school, conservatory or teacher. The dulcimer is a 3 or 4 sting fretted instrument similar to a guitar. The body of the instrument runs most of the length along the strings. The tuning of the strings is usually diatonic.

Dulcimer Lessons, Teachers

How To Sign Up For Dulcimer Lessons

View local teacher by checking down below which states and then which cities are offering dulcimer lessons. You can contact us to locate a local dulcimer teacher if you don't see one in your area. Click on the teacher's profile and if everything looks satisfactory, request lessons right from their page.

More Teachers Are Needed To Advertise Their Dulcimer Lessons

There are people looking for dulcimer lessons online. If you know how to play well and could teach this cool instrument, sign up for a free account. It just takes a few minutes to get signed up