Frequently Asked Questions


What is FindProz?
FindProz is the marketplace for private instruction. The FindProz website allows instructors to show off their talents while learners quickly and easily select an instructor for private lessons. To learn more about FindProz and the Find FindProz website please refer to our About Us page.
I am an instructor, how do I get started?
At the top of the home page click on the button, "SIGN UP FREE" This will bring you to the account setup page where you will be able to follow step by step tasks to set up your account and begin instructing.
Can instructors join for free?
Yes. Creating an instructor profile on FindProz is free. We then advertise the instructor's lessons to local clientele. The first three leads (lesson requests) an instructor receives are free as well. Every additional lead costs the instructor only $2 to receive the lead's contact information.
What is the "Proz Seal of Certification"?
The "Proz Seal of Certification" is given to instructors who qualify for the seal. The seal represents that the instructor has received a state and federal criminal background check as well as has been verified against known sexual offender lists. The seal also represents that the ability of the instructor to teach their said skill has been verified. If any instructor is found to have a criminal history that is threatening to potential learners, the instructor does not receive the seal and is banned from further use of the website. Although the seal verifies that a background check has been performed, it does not guarantee that the instructor does not have a criminal history or that an instructor will be a safe and trustworthy person. Our major concern at FindProz is user safety. For safety tips when taking private lessons see the section "Safety rules for taking lessons" on the FAQ page.
What if the skill I want to learn is not listed?
At FindProz we want to maintain a neat and professional website. In order to do so we limit the skills that an instructor can teach so that we do not get a bunch of instructors that teach "piano" while others because of a typo teach "paino". If the skill that you teach or want to learn is not listed, use our Contact Us page and let us know so the skill can be added.
How do I find an instructor?
Use the Find a Private Instructor search tool on the homepage to begin your search. Search by location and the skill you want to learn. Next, compare and contrast the listed instructors to find the one to best meet your specific needs.
Can I communicate with an instructor before signing up for a lesson?
Yes. If you are a learner searching for an instructor, you can communicate with all of the instructors listed on the website through their wall posts on the instructor profile page. In order to post a comment to the instructor's wall you must create an account. Creating an account is free and only takes a minute to set up.
Safety rules for taking lessons.
Always be careful with the lessons that you receive. Where possible it is always best to receive a lesson in a public location where you will not be alone. If it is not possible to receive the lesson in a public location then meet the instructor before the lesson via a telephone call or meeting them in person at a public location before the actual lesson takes place. Parents that are scheduling lessons for children should attend the lesson with the child to ensure the safety and protection of both the child and the instructor.