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Sign up for French lessons or a French tutor in your area. If you are taking some classes in French and there are some difficult concepts to learn with either conjugation or grammar, you can hire your own private French tutor.

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You can view the profiles of French tutors and teachers in your area. Down below are links to the states that have available French lessons. After you click on your state you'll have a choice of cities. If you don't see a city near you listed, that means there are no French lessons offered yet in that area. Contact us so we can find tutors or teachers for you. When you have found the right tutor, request lessons from their profile and that's it. You'll be contacted and set up quickly.

French is spoken all over the world, primarily in France of course. You'll find other countries where French is the dominant language in small parts here and there. Some places that speak mostly French are Switzerland in Wallonia, Brussels in Belgium, Monaco, parts of Quebec and also Acadia Canada and some other towns scattered throughout the world. There is a place in Africa called Francophone where almost 80% of the people are fluent in French. French is an official language in 29 countries. Now that you know a little bit more about French, you are ready for your French lessons.