Kayaking Lessons

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Learn the exciting sport of kayaking by signing up for kayaking lessons near you. There are a couple different kinds of kayaks, some that are inflatable, some with an open deck and others with an enclosed deck that are more for whitewater kayaking. There are eight classifications of kayaking which are; recreational, sprint racing, light touring or day tripping, touring and expedition, surf, polo, slalom and whitewater. You can certify in kayaking through your kayaking lessons.

The difference between kayaking and canoeing is the number of blades on the paddle. The canoe has one blade and the kayak has two. Whitewater kayaking is a fun intense sport that will get your adrenalin pumping. Kayaking lessons are recommended before going down rapids. There are some basic important skills to learn to keep you safe.

Kayaking lessons usually begin in a swimming pool or calm pond or lake. The instructor will teach how to maneuver the kayak and how to keep control when getting turned around or off course. One of the important skills to learn is flipping back over in the upright position. If a person kayaking cannot get flipped back in the upright position, they can always evacuate quickly. It's better to learn how to flip up so you can stay with your kayak.

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View instructors of nearby kayak instructors. Check to see what kind of kayaking they teach. Whitewater kayaking is the most technical. You can certify in kayaking to go on whitewater rafting trips later on. When you have found the right instructor, request your lessons and that's it. You'll be contacted with info on getting started. Have fun in your kayaking lessons!