Longboarding Lessons

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Longboarding lessons are available locally and nationally. It's easy to sign up with an instructor here online. View their qualifications and expertise as well as experience. Ask your future teacher questions before even signing up for longboarding lessons.

Safety in Longboarding Lessons

Be careful when longboarding. It's a lot of fun and a relaxing sport. Because of the length of the board you are able to coast for a longer amount of time. It may be easier to get the hang of than skateboarding, but wear a helmet. You can still get injured quite seriously with the longboard. Look out for nearby cars. A lot of kids each year are in accidents because the car isn't quite as maneuverable as the longboard. It's hard for cars to see longboarders sometimes. You could learn some safety practices with your longboarding lessons.

Longboarding Lessons

Do You Want to Teach Longboarding Lessons?

Share your cool skills and knowledge with longboarding fans. It's a nice relaxing time to get out and coast down streets and sidewalks as well as canyon trails. You can help others learn some better longboarding techniques and some safety tips as well as how to control and weave. We can help future students find your profile to sign up when they search for longboarding lessons. Upload images, list all the details and skills that you have and you can upload a video that you made introducing you and the skills you have on the longboard.