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Sewing classes are available from instructors near you. Search for the city and state in the sewing classes category or you can view the available instructors off to the right. To get signed up with sewing classes, view the instructor's page for info like background and experience. If you have a question, you can ask the teacher whatever you need easily online. Find out if you need to bring any equipment and where you'll meet. There may be one one one sewing lessons available or you may meet in a group at a local fabric store for your sewing classes.

Sewing Classes

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When you find the right instructor, you can click the request lessons on the bottom of your chosen sewing teacher's page. Your instructor will soon contact you about sewing class info.

Sewing Professionals - List Your Sewing Classes

If you have taught sewing classes, you can list your sewing class info here on the Findproz website. List as many helpful details and qualifications as possible. Students will appreciate all the info and will trust you more if they know how good you are at sewing and all the experience you have is listed. Students will be able to locate you online when they search for sewing classes and teachers. You can set your own schedule and prices for classes.