Freight Forwarder and Courier, Which One Do I Go with?

In shipping services, we find many terms and levels of companies that offer, including freight forwarder and courier. The second bid is often found when we hiring delivery services But sometimes many of us cannot distinguish between both of terms. Many of them think that both are the same whereas those are totally different. It’s important to know the difference and determine which one is the best to choose based on what your shipping type as needed.

What’s the Difference?

Freight Forwarder and Courier
Freight Forwarder and Courier

The first question is about what the difference is? The difference can include many things in fact so then this will give you a good understanding. As for some of the differences it has, among others, is in the following:

  • Flexibility – Couriers usually already have fixed routes, whereas freight forwarders will usually be more flexible in choosing routes and more effective delivery methods according to conditions and requests from shippers.
  • Scale of shipping – Usually freight forwarder will send goods in large quantities or big package from the manufacturer or individual. While couriers will send the goods in smaller package that have come through the forwarder to the purchasers.
  • Company‚Äôs name – Examples of courier are the United States Post Office, UPS, DHL, FedEx and other. While the freight forwarder such as Tera Logistics, NVOCC and other.

Which one to choose; Freight Forwarder or Courier?

Freight Forwarder and Courier 2018
Freight Forwarder and Courier 2018

Well of the two services, then what should be considered is about which option should be selected. For those who have not experienced using the delivery service, of course still confused which is most suitable. Actually there are some things that must be considered before choosing the right service that is all related to the logistics you will send. Here things good to consider:

  • Package weight – The first important thing is to pay attention to the weight of the package. If the maximum weight is 10 kg, you should use courier service only. Whereas if it exceeds it, then you should use the services of freight forwarders.
  • Delivery range – If delivery is internationally, then freight forwarder is the most suitable selected. But if the delivery range is only domestically, you can choose courier service for that.
  • Treatment needs – If the package to be sent requires special treatment as it is fragile, heavy, or dangerous, then the freight forwarders should be selected. But if you do not need special treatment like that, you should select the courier.

Well that’s the important thing about freight forwarder and courier you should know. Are both recommended? is the right choice to choose.