louis komodo and flores island tours

Truly Beautiful Flores and Komodo Island Tours

Vacation is one of the most fun activities for you to do. In order to have a fun holiday, choosing a tourist destination is one of the determinants of tourism. And Flores and Komodo Island tours are one of the right decisions. That’s why? Surely, there are some reasons of why you need to make sure for coming to that place.

Flores and Komodo Island are one of the most amazing tourist destinations. Every year this place is visited by various local and foreign tourists. Pink beaches and Komodo dragons are the main attraction tourists come to this place. Not only that, there are also many tourist destinations that you can visit there with various kinds of beauty.

flores and komodo island tours

Therefore if you have a long holiday time, Flores and Komodo Island tours are the right decision. Because what I will visit is a world-class tourist spot. Komodo dragons are animals that only exist in Indonesia which is precisely in the Southeast Nusa Tenggara archipelago. Besides that, pink beaches can only be found here in Indonesia.

Various types of tourism in Flores and Komodo Island

If you visit Flores and Komodo dragons, you will find a variety of amazing tourist destinations. Some of the tourist attractions.  Perhaps there are some of you who still don’t know which the best places in Flores and komodo island tours that is good to visit. There are so many, and some of them include the following:

Lots of tour packages in Indonesia offered one of them is Flores and Komodo Island tours. This is one of the best choices and right for you to choose. There are even so many choices that offer many beautiful and pleasant tourist locations, including the following.

  1. Padar dan Rinca Island
    Very good cocktails if I visit this place. His face was so exotic and soothing to the eye. Beside Padar, there is also another place which is beautiful, namely Rinca Island.
  2. Pink beach
    This place is one of the tourist attractions that is well known by foreign tourists because the sand is pink. This sand is actually white only mixed with a red shell so that it produces a very beautiful blend.
  3. Komodo Island
    Most people are Flores and Komodo Island tours, surely the main purpose is to Komodo Island. This island is indeed the most famous tourist destination in Indonesia besides Bali.
  4. Lake Kelimmutu
    This fund is no less famous than other tourist attractions in Indonesia. This place is even an Indonesian rupiah icon.

louis komodo and flores island tours

In addition to these 4 tourist destinations there are many more tourist attractions in Flores and Komodo islands that you can visit. Use komodowisata.com to find your tour Flores and Komodo Island tours in Southeast Nusa Tenggara.