Find Best Forward Shipping Agent Based on Rating

forwarder shipping agent

Shipping agent is important in doing export and import. However, we need to look for trusted shipping agent. Therefore, forwarder exist to organize shipments from one place to another through air, ocean, or inland transportation. Also, forwarder usually has cooperation with many shipping agents or shipping companies both inside or outside the country. Tera Logistics is one of the most reliable logistics providers as it has many registered logistics company such as forward shipping agent, truck company, and warehouse provider.

If you really want to find a good forwarder option then you should search based on the rating. Search by rating can be one choice of the right way you can do. This will be very helpful for you to be able to get and get a good and quality forwarder selection. Searching on Tera Logistic can be one of the right choices because you can find one of the best options in a very easy way. You can find it through some searches that can be done first.

forwarder shipping agent

When you need to send some goods to or from other countries, you need to get help from forwarder shipping agent. How to find the best one?

Tera Logistics Provide List Forwarder Shipping Agent

Tera logistics is online logistics marketplace in form of website owned by PT Tera Logistik Internasional that serves the shippers to find out the right forwarder shipping agent. It is located in Jakarta and has been connected with more than 500 freight forwarding. Tera gives references to shipper about all information of the registered logistics company according to price, reviews, and estimated times of shipment.

What should Shipper know?

There are several things shipper should know about Tera Logistics Site, as follows


  • To get quotes from freight forwarders, shipper must create an account and fill all required information and it will then be sent to the freight forwarders. Soon afterwards, they will send the quotations
  • If shippers do not get the quotes, they can contact Tera Logistics by sending email at [email protected]
  • Tera team will help to find the right forwarders
  • There is no commission fee for teralogistic from shipper
  • Shipper pay to the selected forwarders individually

 What should Freight Forwarder to Do?

Any freight forwarders can register to Tera Logistics as follows

  • Sign up and giving valid as well as accurate information about the name of the company, address, etc.
  • Forwarders can choose to sign up for free or paid with each own facility.
  • Payment method is done through bank transfer and Visa or MasterCard.


To get more information about Tera Logistics, please visit to find and select forwarder shipping agent.

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